Recipe no. 4: Christmas tree decorations.

I guess I could post another recipe, but I ate so much yesterday I don’t think I could bring myself to post more pictures of food right now.

The holiday season is officially begun, and I’m learning the difficulties of decorating the apartment for winter festivities.  There’s no way I’m dishing out $150 for a garland!  The most important decoration for us, and many, is our Christmas tree.  Everyone has their own traditions and ways of decorating the tree.  Let’s face it, does anyone ever have a tree that looks as perfect and boring as the ones on display at department stores or online, with a central theme and matching ornaments?  No way.

I think the easiest, most fun, and best way to put your personality into your holiday decor is the way you decorate the tree.  Here are some of my favorite Christmas tree decorations I’ve seen this year:

Quilled Snowflake

Who says that a star has to be on the top?  An angel is different and just as beautiful.

You can’t help but smile when you look at the next 3 ornaments.  They are too cute!


We bought one of these stars, and are going to wire it on the top of our tree.

Completely handmade in India, the beads on this garland are made of vintage saris!

I love this idea!  VagabondIndigoDesign handpicks fabrics to go in these DIY garland kits.