Boston bathroom: in the works

I am getting anxious to start renovating our bathroom!  When we first bought our place, we thought the bathroom was charming, but after about 5 minutes of living in it, the space felt a little like a circus tent with stripes painted on the closet doors,  and the poor wallpaper job became an eyesore.  One day, I couldn’t resist peeling back a sheet of wallpaper that started to loosen from the wall, and was angry to find holes in the sheet-rock that the previous owners covered with a mirror triptych.

I’ve always admired the look of blue and white together, so I guess I’ll resist the urge to start from scratch, and will embrace the color scheme in the shower and on the floor.  Years ago, I remember watching an HGTV show about renovating, and one piece of advice has always stayed with me:  most homeowners increase their renovation costs because they think they need to gut a room and start over… don’t fall for it.  Save elements in an existing space to keep costs down.  Sounds like a no-brainer, but I can definitely see how easy it is to get carried away carrying stuff out.

 Blue and white penny tile on the floor.

 My grandmother’s vase that I would like to use as my inspiration for the bathroom.  It would be a great pop of color in an all blue and white bath.

Decorating with Blue and White by Gail Abbott is a beautiful book that I’m pulling off the shelf to inspire our new and improved bathroom.

 I love the way the orange glow makes the sapphire blue pop.

 This is beautiful, but maybe a little too sterile.

 The storage under the sink is exposed and neat.

These are some of my ideas:

This Saffron Marigold shower curtain would be a great way to hide what is in the accordion door closet.  Then we’d have room for a laundry hamper.
 A mirror like this rotated 90 degrees would let us see ourselves in one reflection rather than three.
Tracy Gitnick is a fabulous photographer who uses the subjects of earth, water and sky.  I think this print would be perfect in our bathroom!

Restoration Hardware’s Dillon Sconce would be beautiful on either side of our new mirror.
White subway tile would be a perfect backsplash for the wall behind the toilet and pedestal sink.