I wish I could fly, or at least have the guts to give this a try!

Happy Birthday, Maria!


My little sister turns 16 today, and she's been talking about how she wants to go skydiving for her Birthday.  I think everyone has wished they could fly at some point in their life.  I know I have!  

My Dad is the only other person in my family crazy enough to try it.  He has a need for speed and craves adrenaline rush the way I crave chocolate.  Every now and then I get a link from him to one of these wingsuit videos in my inbox.  It's pretty obvious he's been dreaming about flying too.  

Maybe someday flying will be possible, but in the meantime, I wish I had the guts to try this!  


I know I won't be sitting in the back of a plane with my  sister hoping my parachute opens up.  I'd rather swim in a shark tank!


One of my sister and my favorite desserts is carrot cake.  We always seem to justify its health factor by saying "it's good for you.  It's made with carrots!".  So, in honor of her sweet 16, here is a sweet recipe for carrot cupcakes:)