Next project: built in bookcase.

I cannot wait to get going on our next home project.  I love being organized, and I know this will help make life a little less cramped.  We have 10 1/2' ceilings, so why not go up when floor space is at a minimum?

G. and I have been brainstorming and dreaming of all the great things we would like to put in our built in, and decided that to get everything we want, we are going to have to go custom.

We were most inspired by my FIL's bookcase he designed from scratch and pretty much built on his own.  Isn't it awesome?!

This corner screams "help me!" every time I walk by. 

We've spent time measuring an array of books, serving dishes, appliances, components, and what nots to come up with what we hope is the best possible space saving solution for our sad space.  Hiding the TV wires is a must for our new built in!

Here's our first sketch:

I would like to paint the back of the bookcase the accent color for our living room:

How hard can it be?  I guess we'll find out!