Imperial no. nine, Soho.

I'm in the last week of summer classes and see the light at the end of my last crit!!  I used this awesome restaurant as the subject of a lighting assignment, and had to share!

I love the design and decor of this restaurant!  You may remember the owner, Sam Talbot, from Bravo's Top Chef.  (He's the Sicilian American cutie).

Sam's Imperial no. nine in the NYC SOHO Mondrian Hotel is sheer genius.  Designers pulled inspiration from Jean Coucteau’s 40's movie, La Belle et la BĂȘte, beauty and the beast.  The enchanting interior features mirror topped tables, a transparent glass ceiling, crystal chandeliers, and glass apothecary jars.  I'm totally digging it!

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Source: None via Angela on Pinterest