So long, farewell.

This is sadly my last post...  of all my California vacation inspiration!  You didn't think I was really leaving the blogging world already did you?!

I'm sharing one of my sister in law's favorite restaurants in the beautiful coastal town of Capitola.  Shadowbrook Restaurant is located along a sleepy creek, first built as a summer home in the 1920s.  Following a major renovation to recapture the character of the original architecture, Shadowbrook Restaurant opened its doors in 1942, and has become a popular romantic dining destination ever since.

There are many reasons why this place struck me, and it begins before you reach the main door.  To descend down the steep hill to the creek and restaurant, you need to hop on an original cable car and ride it down the face of the hill.  Once you pass through the main entry, you are greeted with a cozy porte-cochere-like foyer, which leads you through the doors to the dining room.  

Inside, a charming conservatory ceiling below an uplit lush hillside makes you feel like you are eating in a forest.  I felt like I was half in a jungle and half in a rustic lodge.  And the food was sooo good!  I've never been a fan of artichokes, but their fried artichoke hearts are out of this world AMAZE!  

A view of the conservatory ceiling.

If you eat too much, you can take the winding garden path back to the top of the hill:)


Hiking the garden path after apps and drinks.