Take me away Tuesday: Ocean View Club - Harbour Island, Bahamas.

Do you remember my Take me Away Tuesday back in August about Maroma Beach Resort?  Well, I mentioned the 2001 Travel Channel Best Beaches.  Another beach on my beloved list was Pinks Sands Beach in the Bahamas.

If I were to venture to this pristine location I would stay no other place than the family run Ocean View Club.  Being a little but of a color-phobe (not because I'm scared, I guess, but more because white has always been my favorite color...), I love these brights shots of tropical hues used throughout the resort.  They give a vacation feel and amplify the saturated blue of the ocean and sky, and pale pink sand (yes, it really is pink!).

The charming feel of a family run business is also apparent, and I think the guest rooms and cottages have a cozy air about them.  I can see myself being quite comfortable here at the Ocean View Club.

all images via ocean view club
Do you have a dreamy vacation spot you've been dying to venture to?