November wrap up.

Wow, did this month fly by!

Have you checked out Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's StylemintIt Takes Two is was one of my favorite movies growing up, and I am so on their side in this adventure.  Answer a few questions on their site and they virtually style you.   I want the Pacific T!  Maybe Shoemint is more your thing.  I'm undecided!

Another Anthology is out!  One of my online faves every season.   I have yet to subscribe to the printed version.

Have you seen Pillow Talk yet?  Cool or creepy?

Dear Santa, I can't wait to get my hands on this book by Domino founder Deborah Needleman.  It's at the top of my winter break reading list.  I love her relaxed and "undesigned" approach to the interior aesthetic.

One of my new favorite inspirational blogs worth checking out.

Have you read the new Lonny mag yet?

This is such a great idea!  The homeowner wrapped a ruffled shower curtain around a frame to make the perfect textural art piece to hang above the sofa.