2011 wrap up.


It's scary how fast the year went by!  There are so many things to be thankful for this year, and lots to look forward to next!

Speaking of the new year, check out this interesting and colorful 2012 calendar.

I've been reading a lot of great emags lately!  They are easy to access and are environmentally friendly, but I have to admit, I miss paging through a stack of glossies and dogearing my faves!  Here are some new ones on my map:

Heart Home is a great new emag all about creating your own unique sense of home decor.
Sweet Paul is a read for crafty types with lots of delicious recipes.

This recipe for mac & cheese with roasted chicken, goat cheese, and rosemary is at the top of my must-cook-now list.  Thanks for sharing, Sacramento Street!
My new FAVORITE tumblr!   Get your Pinterest Pinner ready!  I still haven't finished tumbling through the whole thing yet.

A must read for any and all wine drinkers.

ZeroEnergy Design is a Boston based firm who recently finished this AMAZING Rhode Island home.  If they had private tours, I'd be first on the list!

What girl didn't wish she were Kate Middleton at one point or another this year?  Now we can feel like we are for a few minutes.  This is a hilarious gallery installation by Jennifer Rubell depicting Prince William in wax, complete with Kate's sparkler resting on his arm <<insert self here>>.

This is a great blog I just stumbled on!  If you love bargains and DIY projects, you don't want to miss Kate's posts!

Happy New Year!