I'm on the Bandwagon.

Ok, such old news, but are you on One King's Lane?  Obsessed!  I remember signing up for this years ago, but got annoyed because they sent me too many emails (yes, I know, I could have updated my email preferences but I was a tad too lazy) and let it fall off my radar.  What a disappointment when I re-registered a few weeks ago and saw what I've been missing!

This is a fun site for people who love to shop for their home, and give gifts:) Plus, how can you not love a company that has a topiary with cute elephants as a logo?!  I begged my then boyfriend (now husband) for a baby white elephant after a trip to ACK's White Elephant back in the day... I'm still waiting... Santa?  They're so cute!

Ok, back to One King's Lane. The founders, Susan Feldman and Alison Pincus have eyes for style and what people want. Together with some of the world's top designers, they certainly know how to deliver designer products at everyday prices for everyone passionate about beautiful things.

Here are some of my current faves: