Craft tradition.

Simplicity. Quality. Clarity. Individuality. Functionality. These words are the guiding mantras for Irish craftsman Simon Pearce. Simon's father first introduced him to the craft of pottery. He and his brother learned the tradition of working on a potter's wheel at a young age, and eventually carried the dream to glassblowing. Clear glass of a high quality is difficult to make, but Simon's craftsman are masters.

Simon opened a mill with a shop and restaurant in Quechee Vermont. Here you can visit and see the beautiful and inspiring art of glassblowing, and experience the casual and simple elegance of Simon Pearce's products. Each piece is handmade, and no two are exactly alike. I wonder if I can convince G. that this would be a fun weekend trip....

The time you are on Newbury Street, be sure to stop by their Boston location.

Bauble ornaments
Hartland cake plate
Barre pitchers
Belmont dinnerware
Royalton serve bowl