Vintage prints.

The front gate on Chelsea Street.

The facade. Both images taken by Angela Raciti
Are you an admirer of vintage architectural drawings?  I guess it goes without saying that I am, and they don't have to be vintage. While working on my thesis project (gosh, I cringe even writing the word now that the trauma is in the past) I had the amazing opportunity of going through the archives at the Boston National Historical Park in the Charlestown Navy Yard to find the plans for the building best suited for my project.

I'll admit that I was excited when the museum specialist asked me to wash my hands before handling the plastic covered drawings under his supervision. Some of them were on blue paper with white drafting, hence the name blueprints, and some were so torn and tattered that they were barely readable.

The two images above are reproductions from the Commandant's House drawings dating back to the early 1900s. Of course, I couldn't take the originals. I'm looking forward to getting them framed and on the wall!