Brimming with inspiration.

Did you get a chance to go to the Brimfield Antiques Show last month?  G. and I made the trek, and had a blast perusing the tents and eating apple cider doughnuts... yes... so. good. There's nothing like a day spent with salvaged items and vintage things to get your creative juices flowing. I left with a brain full of design ideas and inspiration!

This week I'm dedicating my posts to my Brimfield treasures:
I'll be honest, I used to detest opalescent hobnail glass, but I had an epiphany under the tents. These colorful glass pieces are  Dr. Seuss-y, whimsical, and make you smile.

I've seen this mint colored porcelain in Boston shops, and always thought it was pretty, but seeing a huge collection of butter dishes, canisters, gracy boats, cups, saucers, and dishes made me what to develop a whole kitchen scheme to showcase it.

Wrought iron bracket, hooks, and finials are a quick way to bring in some texture.

How cool would it be to use these reclaimed theater seats to flank a rectangular dining table?!
all images by Angela Raciti