Melrose market.

Another obsession I can't seem to shake- is my love of business models that incorporate farm to table produce, cooking classes, markets, and wine. I met someone not too long ago who said that my thesis project reminded him of Melrose Market in Seattle. I couldn't Google it fast enough.

The market is actually a collection of local food vendors housed in a renovated auto repair shop. The renovation cost nearly 4 million dollars, and was completed in 2010. Now, the car bays are home to fresh and local produce, cafe tables, and bustling shoppers.

I'd say that clocks one in for Seattle...
Rustic timber trusses and furniture like displays give this market class.
On rainy days, shoppers can dine and relax on the second level, above the bustling market.

Chefs prepare lunch out of fresh baked bread and local produce.
Each vendor has their own storefront style.
Industrial architecture pays tribute to the building's past life.