King Caesar Chirstmas.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to join the team of designers who decorate the Duxbury King Caesar House for Christmas this year. The King Caesar House is a historic home that is a part of the Duxbury Historic Society with a significant past. The family who lived in the home in the 1800s was a prominent leader in the local ship and rope building industry, and the home does not disappoint. It sits on the Powder Point peninsula, with a lovely view of Duxbury Bay.  

The room I was selected to decorate is the East Chamber. I have to look into if I am allowed to post pictures since the house is a private museum, but these are some images that are inspiring my design. Of course, I am taking the more natural route than beachy holiday, and am going to work in pink and gold tones to work with an antique pink loveseat already in the room that I cannot decide if I like.....