The art of making the perfect cappuccino.

Living so close to the North End in Boston, we are always walking through the neighborhood to eat.  Caffe Vittoria is one of our faves.  First introduced to me by my Dad, a self proclaimed foodie, it has become a great spot to get a cappuccino and cannoli, and the lines at Mike’s Pastry can be easily avoided.  There is something about the strong shot of espresso in a cup filled with thick frothed milk and sprinkled with cinnamon that makes me crave them everyday.

Caffe Vittoria, Boston

To get the Italian cappuccino on your own can be a sought after skill.  These two espresso/cappuccino machines make life a whole lot easier, but the problem of making the perfectly frothy steamed milk is still an issue.

Breville Espresso Machine

Krups Espresso Machine

Some tips we have found useful when frothing milk:
  • Keep the milk frother (the stainless steel cup with a handle that you fill with milk to steam) in the freezer.  The colder the milk when you start steaming, the better the froth.
  • While steaming, circle the milk frother under the steam spout.  Moving the frother up and down works well also.
  • Steam the milk until the bottom of the milk frother is so hot you cannot touch it.  Thank goodness for the handle!

In Italy, it a typical for cafes to be completely open to the outdoors.  They line piazzas and vias, and always have guests enjoying the weather, people watching, or chatting over an espresso.


This Texas cafe makes the narrow space cozy with ambient light from chandeliers, and opens the interior up to the outdoors with sliding garage door style windows.