Boston bedroom: in the works.

Our bedroom has really come a long way.  When Gabe and I first moved in, a futon mattress on the floor had to do until we had the cash to spring for the bed we were both lusting over.  One night, I woke up to a not so friendly insect (to this day I get goosebumps thinking about it) scratching up my leg underneath the sheets.  The worst part was that by the time I sprung up from the futon and hit the light, the creature was nowhere to be found (cringe!!!).  That was it, we charged the bed the next day.

Here are some photos of our bedroom at its current state.

 There is still more we would like to do to it, such as replacing the dark wood bookcases across from the bed.
I love the idea of this desk.  It has a thick glass top and corbels that attach to the wall so floor space stays open.

I am obsessed with chandeliers, and I think something like this Bella Figura Santini Chandelier would be the perfect amount of glam!

Above the fireplace opposite the bed, I could see a collection of some sort.  I think sunburst mirrors with frames painted in hip colors would look really neat.  The mirrors would reflect the downtown light right into our apartment, and if the frames are painted brightly, would be a dramatic and funky twist on a traditional accessory.  Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs has some to get me started, but I think I would need to Ebay and consignment shop for some authentic ones.

 If not the sunburst mirrors, I would get a huge canvas print from a photographer and  friend, Sarah Sylvester, of SJPerspective (  She has some fabulous photos!  This  is one of my faves:

 I’ll keep you updated on the progress!  Happy Friday!