You can't beat Italian leather.

Last night was the coldest night I’ve felt in the city since moving into town.  30 degree F feels more like -30 when you factor in the wind chill coming off the Charles River, walking between the North End and Charlestown over the Charlestown Bridge.

I love the changing seasons, and get excited when the nights start to get really cold.  The holidays and snow are coming soon!

View of Via dei Condotti from the Spanish Steps, Rome

A few years ago I visited Rome, and besides attempting to try every cafe in a 1 mile radius of the Spanish Steps, my mom, sister, and I spent a day going into every boutique on Via dei Condotti and then some.  I didn’t do much damage, mostly because even the least expensive thing at Dolce and Gabbanna, Dior, or Armani, would have been a month’s rent in my Sicilian apartment, but I did buy my first pair of Italian Sermoneta leather gloves.

Walking in Rome with my new purchase!

Now, four winters later, the leather is still soft, the cashmere lining is still warm, and the price is still better in Italy.  I couldn’t resist buying another pair when I walked by a Sermoneta boutique in NYC…


Giorgio Sermoneta began Sermoneta Gloves in Rome in the 1960s.  He freshened up the usual black or brown accessory with bold and bright color, making his gloves more of a fashion statement with a greater purpose than keeping your hands warm in the winter.  All handmade, every pair of his gloves passes through the hands of more than 10 skilled artisans.  Sermoneta’s high production standards and quality materials has made the brand one of the leaders in the world of  Italian design.