Ice inspiration.

The big snowstorm has been over since Thursday, but the ice is lingering.  I've almost face planted a few times on the sidewalk and the fact that I have to dig myself a parking space is getting old fast.

While ice can be treacherous outside, I love the look of crystal used in the right places.  It sparkles, catches light, and adds a touch of glamour.  Here are some of my favorite "icings":

I've been obsessed with this kitchen designed by Candice Olson on Divine Design ever since I watched the episode a few years ago.  There's not 1, but 2 gorgeous crystal chandeliers above the expansive island.  The damask wallpaper behind the desk area and the recessed lighting installed along the perimeter of the kitchen help to make it sparkle.
via hgtv

I love this Hampton Crystorama chandelier.  The sheer drum shade freshens the look of the crystal and would look great in our bedroom!  Love drum shades, love crystal chandeliers, love this!

via crystorama

I had to add this picture because it is so beautiful.  This space is so eclectic with the marble topped Saarinen Tulip Table, spindleback painted chairs, clean modern drapery, large carved mirror, and, of course, the crystal chandelier.  The composition and design is clean and makes this space inviting and comfortable looking.
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This crystal table lamp from Restoration Hardware is stunning.  The urn shape is complimented by the rectangular shade and has the most glamorous look.  The only down side is carrying it up the stairs to your apartment, because it weighs about 40 pounds.

via restoration hardware

Installing antique crystal knobs is an easy way to add character to your place.  The can get expensive, but I've seen boxes full of them at Brimfield for a reasonable price.  This cobalt knob set is a reproduction, but is just as good as the real thing.
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The crystal candelabras used as table centerpieces at this wedding are tasteful and dramatic.  Candelabras are a great way to add height to a table setting on a grand scale, but may be too much in your own dining room.  Regardless, it's great.
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It doesn't feel right to write about icing without mentioning icing to style yourself.  David Yurman's Morganite Albion Ring is perfection.  Sterling silver and rose gold frame this beautiful gem.
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Swarovski crystals completely cover this pair of Crystal Couture pumps.  How fun are these?
via crystal couture

Here comes more snow!