Colorado escape: Dunton Hot Springs.

Ok, I admit that I read about Dunton Hot Springs on another blog site, but the gorgeous and rustic photos have been seared in my brain ever since I read the post a few weeks ago.  Words cannot explain how breathtaking this place is!

There's just something about escaping everything and rejuvenating your soul where the air is fresh and other people are at a minimum.  This Colorado Rockies world class luxury resort was named #7 Luxury and #6 All Inclusive Hotel in the World by Trip Advisor's Traveler's Choice Awards 2010.

How much more tranquil can you get than lounging in a restored ghost town nestled between mountains, relaxing in natural hot springs while admiring the view, and eating organic food?  You can spend time hiking, heli-skiing, and mountain biking to name a few adventures, or you can chill out by experiencing the vineyard or practicing yoga.  This is starting to sound like an ad for the resort but oh well!

You can even rent the entire town of Dunton for an intimate special event of 42 people.  I cannot imagine a more incredible location for a destination wedding.

I love the organic backdrop of the mountains mixed with the rustic charm of the private cabins.  I've never been in a natural hot spring before, but I bet hanging out in one of these is a marvelously serene experience.  You don't have to look away from the view for one second.

Click here to check out Dunton Hot Spring's great site.

So gorgeous!  Is your jaw dropping yet?!

All images via Dunton Hot Springs