High gloss is in!

With the new month comes the premier issue of High Gloss, a lifestyle webzine about all things style.   Well done HG girls!

You can check out the full issue here, but I wanted to share my favorite images with you below.

I like the idea of painting the wall behind the shelves.  It adds interest without making it look too busy, and pops the objects on top.

Isn't this ceiling great?!  You can study your astronomy while appreciating the beauty of the design!

I could just spend a whole summer day out here.

New obsession: oriental rugs in the kitchen!  I will definitely be implementing this one day.

This is one of my most favorite images.  I love the pooling drapes hung at the sides of large windows.  The black frames make the photos pop against the white walls, and I admire the way the white frames are thrown into the mix too!  And another obsession of mine right now: black glossy floors!  So pretty... another will do.

Orange has never been one of my go to colors, but the tangerine looks great with the light gray in this space.  Note to self: learn how to make a Roman shade.

all images via highgloss

Be sure to check out the complete issue:)