Must try restaurant: Rino's.


I hate to give away this secret, but need to share this place with you all!  If you are craving amazing Italian, look no further!  Located in East Boston, Rino's Place Italian restaurant is Italian home cooking away from home at its finest. 


I heard from a friend that they are currently the hottest restaurant on and has 4.5 stars on, and for good reason!  I'm not easily impressed eating out at restaurants, but thoroughly enjoyed Rino's.   The gnocchi was so tasty, and I snagged a bite of lobster ravioli off of my Dad's plate...amaze!  (And I don't even like lobster!)
lobster ravs=perfection

I've heard the wait on a Friday night can be up to 3 hours, but I promise that if you're crazy enough to put your name in and tough it out, it's well worth it!  Let me know if you need a date!