How to dress up your mantel.

Now that we are into January, holiday decorations are starting to come down.  I hate that empty look our apartment has without all the festive garlands and stockings hanging from the mantel.  It just looks a little bare up on the mantel, so here are some tips for putting life back up onto it once Christmas decorations come down.

1. Look for ways to create triangles.  This shape is the most pleasing shape to your eye, so arrange your decor to create a triangle with the tallest objects in the middle, and the shortest on the sides.

2.  Layering is good.  It creates depth, interest, and is a stylish way to show off some of your favorite things.  To avoid making your mantel look cluttered, stick to a small range of colors and finishes.

3.  Try a mirror.  It will instantly make your room look larger.

4.  Use symmetry to reinforce a traditional style.  

5.  Hang or lean a large piece of art.  A large scale piece is a cleaner look, and when flanked by large vases creates a jolt of color.  There's that triangle again, too!

Happy Friday!