Thesis location: check.

Seeing as how my life is already starting to revolve around my graduate thesis project, I guess now is as good a time as ever to introduce you.

Thesis statement:
Comfort food brings families together while fostering healthy eating and behavioral habits.

As an interior designer, I believe that space can be used as an intermediary between food and family. By providing a solution with an environment to encourage traditions of healthy comfort food, family interaction, and the daily ritual of family mealtime, it will re-establish comfort food as a healthy family custom and practice on a day to day basis.

Design vehicle:
An environment where parents and children can learn to grow, cook, and eat together. This will include an on site restaurant where food will be prepared using garden ingredients and a market selling local food items. Membership capabilities will include partaking in the garden, cooking classes, and participation in food education programs. I will use design principles that take into account collective and overlapping space, as well as visual and hands on learning environments to help in the design on the space.

Building 125 in the Charlestown Navy Yard!

I will be sharing some inspiration photos for the design in the coming days, weeks, and months,  but if you can't wait, click here to follow my Thesis Pinterest Board.