Historic architecture in VT.

Do you ever look back through old pins and magazine clippings that you've saved over the years? At the time, there was something that you liked about them, but now you think otherwise.  There's no way around it. As we evolve through life, so does out style. I think that school has instilled in me the history behind styles and led me to appreciate it in ways that I would otherwise have not, but I will always have a soft spot for historic New England architecture. 
These two snapshots below quickly captured the front of the Dorset Inn in Vermont that I recently visited. First opened in 1796, but refurbished in 1985, the inn is widely known as a welcoming place to get a homecooked meal. The interior is just as well preserved as the exterior, though I regret I don't have any pics. Standing out front looking at the front of the inn took me back in time. I love how architecture has the ability to do that to us.