The Mayan way.

The coast at Tulum, one of the sites of the Mayan ruins. The old town sits atop a cliff, with this view.

Spring is fast approaching, I really cannot believe how close it really is. Sun is on my mind, and I'm starting to dream about summer days. If you aren't at that point yet, here are some photos from our sunny Mexican getaway from a few weeks ago to inspire you. Take me back.

The roof of our resort. Looks like Greece. I learned that our resort was built without the use of any machines. It made me appreciate the design that much more.
Tulum ruins on the coast. The beach was so tempting.

I am so bummed that this photo came out blurry. It shows a view from the entrance of the resort that stretches all the way to the ocean. The design is incredibly thoughtful in that everywhere you sit, walk towards, and experience has a beautiful view that encompasses the natural jungle surroundings.

Not the Cristal I've heard of, but lovely nonetheless.

The Mayans prided themselves on the idea that by taking time to enjoy life was a necessity. They created paths and walkways that intentionally meandered through lush gardens and tropical scenes to encourage themselves to slow down and enjoy. Don't mind if I do.

The lobby of the resort was a grass roofed rotunda. Built in banquettes molded out of the stucco were dressed with poppy pillows.

Tequila sunrise.