Don't Frette.

Last week, I enjoyed attending an industry event at Boston Design Center put on by Frette Boston. It was a chance to learn more about the company and their gorgeous products by one of their just as beautiful designers, Ornella Albizzati. 

Use pattern and pops of color to bring a bedroom space that has so many hard surfaces to life.

Of course, it was wonderful to be able to touch and lay my head on bedding we consider the Rolls Royce of all bed linens, but I really enjoyed hearing Ornella speak about how she gets her inspiration for future collections. She said that she and her design team enjoy being invigorated by old movies, art, and music for new patterns and color palettes. Next, they sketch ideas and pull colors that work with the story and feeling they are after. Gaining approvals all along the way from the higher ups, one offs are loomed, inspected, and scrutinized before being initiated into their product line.

I'm a sucker for white bedding, and now, this upholstered nailhead bed, too.

Frette was established in 1860 by Jean Baptiste Edmond Frette, Alexandre Payre and Charles Chaboud with the goal of providing customers with the world's finest hotel bedding. All pieces are custom made to order in Europe.

Add interest to all white bedding with texture brought in with coverlets and pillow shams. It took everything in me not to swan dive in. 
I couldn't help but include a real life photo of my lovely Hallings Secretary. Well, I wish it was mine.