The vine: boards.

When I was debating going to design school a few years ago, I wondered what it was that I had to learn in school that I couldn't learn on the job. I've always loved to draw, sketch, and paint, which I've always thought to be important for creatives, but I had no idea how much technology is actually used in the profession of architecture and design. 

For this project I used the following programs in addition to hand sketching and research:
Windows Movie Maker

Learning these programs on my own would have been so time consuming for anyone in a firm to teach me fast enough to make it worth their while. Other than the technological side of design, I've learned about important design movements and schools of thought, how to think spatially, get my ideas across visually and clearly,  understand how ideas become concrete, building systems, credibility, and so much more.  I owe so much to my instructors, professors, and peers who have challenged me, inspired me, and expected perfection on so many levels. Oh, and a huge hug for my hubby who supported and motivated me to get through it in one piece, keeping my tummy satisfied and my glass of wine full:)

Congrats to my fellow thesis classmates!  We did it!