What's your guilty pleasure?

I'm just going to come out and write it... bread... and anything with chocolate.... dark chocolate. My younger sister was recently contemplating going to culinary school, and I'll be honest, I was getting really excited about the thought of having a professional chef in the family. Cooking has always been a passion of mine, and of course eating goes hand in hand with that, but baking I've found a bit more challenging. 

Working on my thesis, I was constantly thinking about the foods that I found most comforting, which brings me back to bread... and chocolate.  Wouldn't it be fun to design a bakery and coffee shop? They are often quaint and simple, letting the goodies speak for themselves.  Playful design is welcomed, and a homey feel comes naturally.

Tiny but perfect, this French pasticherie in Edgartown is one of G. and my's favorites. The design is nautical New England with a hint of glamour. (sorry for the terrible iphone pic. I'll get a better one this summer.)
Industrial pendants hang above tables, neatly arranged with inviting and delicious delicacies.
The nostalgia of this resonates with me. The bike leaning out front, unlocked, the rolling overhead metal shutter pulled partly up, and the breads on display.
The perfect use of a chalkboard sign. It's the perfect whimsical touch.
Another charming shopfront. Weathered emerald paint and picture windows take you back in time.
The homey feel in this coffee house is created by the residential like furniture, merchandised with product and enticing guests to sit and enjoy their coffee. Weathered woods, cherry blossoms, and the chalkboard add warmth to the vast space.