New life at the louis - part 1.

The best part about RH taking over the Louis Boston, is the complete renovation and preservation of this historic site. A place that once served as the Boston Museum of Natural History is 40,000 sq.ft., and has held a historic presence in the Back Bay since 1863 when it was built. Local architecture and interior design firm, Bergmeyer Associates,  did THE most amazing job preserving the historic architecture of this building, and I just know that you will agree.

Photo taken by Elizabeth Lo Soe

My interior designer friend Liz and I thoroughly enjoyed walking through, in RH's term, their "gallery", and letting it inspire us for future design project. I think I may have even drooled a little bit touring the interior. Enjoy the photo tour today and throughout the rest of the week!

A grand side entrance was constructed with glass and steel.
The same chandelier in three sizes, hung at different heights.

Walls, trim, and ceilings were painted Slate, one of RH's paint colors. The 2nd and 3rd floor plate is open in the center, so you can stand on the main level and look all the way up. A central glass elevator takes you up and down. I felt a little like Annie the first time she sees Daddy Warbucks's home.

Bergmeyer did such an amazing job giving new life to the existing historic architecture, and integrating new detailing. You can't even tell which is new and which is existing.
The main stairwell that connects the floors.
Liz and I loved the stair design. The guardrail and banisters were made from flat pieces of steel, and the banister was an antique brass. A spectacular crystal chandelier softly illuminates the stairs. It was huge, maybe 72" diameter.

A close up of the stairwell chandelier. Don't even bother checking, it's not for sale on their website...
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