New life at the louis - part 2.

Here we go... part II!
A view from the interior of the elevator towards a rustic table merchandised with florals and succulents from a local florist.

The glass elevator from the 2nd floor.

I like the idea they had to hang prints touching on all sides to give interest to the tall wall on the side of the bed. It would be so hard to get perfect, but I think my OCD could be put to very good use to get the job accomplished.

The flagship has 2 bars, one for wine, one for beer. The wine bar itself is a ginormous slab of stone. Above, the wines are showcased in a sidelit framed piece.

The elevator from the 3rd floor. Faux olive trees placed around the railing were uplit, and brought your eyes up to the ornate ceiling.

All the way down.

The ceiling looked original, not sure if it was.

I call this one the "Annie View"!
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