Looking up to higher ground {farm}.

"Imagine a farm in the city.  Tomatoes, greens, herbs, and other fruits and vegetables abound.  Bees are buzzing and chickens are clucking, all in view of the Boston skyline – because this farm is on a rooftop.

Imagine a space where community members can learn about agriculture, sustainable urban planning, and green building design all in one place – and without ever leaving the city.

Imagine a unique event space, host to farm fresh meals, in the most literal sense of the word, and a venue where the Boston-area’s culinary experts teach cooking, growing, and preservation classes (Higher-ground-farm.com)".

Sound at all familiar?  I thought so too! Even though thesis is over, I have a feeling that urban farming, and the mission of my space will be a lifelong obsession of mine.

Back in January, I read in Design New England that Boston's first rooftop garden was going to soon be taking up space on the roof of the Boston Design Center.  A few weeks ago, I signed up for what sounded like a tour of the new garden, but actually ended up to be a conversation about the future plans.

I'll admit I was somewhat disappointed that we couldn't go to the roof to see the progress, but it was interesting to hear about the plans.

A rendering of what the duo has in mind.

The building that is home to the Design Center can be thought of as a skyscraper on its side. If you stood the building on one end, it would actually be the tallest building in the city! So, the roof is the best location for a rooftop garden here in our city. The square footage of the roof is so large, that Higher Ground Farm is only leasing 1/3 of the total roof space, but clocks in at 55,000 sq. ft!

Founders Courtney and John have been a part of the Boston food scene for decades, and couldn't be more raring to go to get their mission accomplished. 

Visit Higher Ground Farm's site and start getting involved in their vision!