Trending- iron beds.

When I was younger, my best friend's mother was my greatest design inspiration. Her home was her sanctuary. The walls were white, the upholstery was white, the floors were dark, the picture frames were gold, and the beds were iron. It was beautiful. I quite possibly could have been the only 14 year old who asked for an antique iron bed for her birthday- but Mom and Dad delivered!  Thanks, guys!

It was heartbreaking to leave it behind when G and I moved to Boston, but now that we have the space, it is back under my roof - much to the dismay of my brother who had claimed it for himself in the interim. Is it too much to ask that G and I downgrade from our queen to a full size bed so we can have it in our room? I thought as much, so I've been enjoying researching for one!
One thing I found is that queen size antique beds are hard to come by. People snuggled into fulls and didn't think twice about wanting anything larger. There are kits out there to fit a full size head and footboard onto a queen sized mattress, but if you ask me, I can't imagine this looking right.

I am waiting for this trend to really come into light, but I think it's well on its way!  Call me old fashioned but I couldn't care less:)