Design strategy: mixing new and old.

One of my most favorite design "strategies" is mixing old and new. I am a firm believer in spaces that highlight the jaxtaposition between the expected and unexpected. This is one of my favorite ways to create a space that is interesting and warm.


What I wouldn't pay to find a cabinet like the one above! Compartments force you to stay organized and the wood is a lovely contrast to the restaurant- happenings on the left.
The fruit, wheat, and flower motif on this fireplace surround is beyond elegant, and I have a soft spot for those paper globe lanterns!

I will admit that when I started to see these modern additions go up on top of period buildings in Boston I was not into it, but it has certainly grown on me. Having lived in the city for a number of years, I realize that sometimes the best thing to do is build up. Especially if the neighborhood is top notch and the preservation society gives you the green light.

G. is still not on board with my opinion that every room could use some lucite. He nearly fell through the floor when these chairs showed up at the ends of our farmhouse dining table, but I do think I can convert him one day. My favorite thing about lucite is that is like a chameleon- it can be modern, sophisticated, glamorous, beachy, and more. It has no visual weight in a room, and is a terrific option when you don't want to cover up a great rug!
This was out of my comfort zone at first look, but the more I pine over the Edwardian details, the more I like it! This London designer has guts!

What are your favorite design strategies?