The home office: navigating the fine line between function and fabulousness.

Coco and Kelley
Now that I am officially working from home, I've realized that my work "things" are going to easily start taking over our living space. Trim books, fabric samples, carpet squares, and loose tiles are already being stuffed into  a small built in cabinet under the windows and piles of papers are being stacked all over the place. I like to call it an organized mess, since I know where everything is however much of an eyesore it may be. I did managed to make and hang a burlap wrapped tackboard, which has been fan-tastic help in getting some of the clutter off of my desk, but there are definitely some outstanding practical organization and storage issues to address like:

Filing space
A surface for the printer
A trash can 
Open/closed storage for samples
Design surface space
Naturally, I first looked to Pinterest for some inspiration, but quickly discovered that a home design office is a different animal altogether.  Our profession is so visually based that we need space to spread everything out and mull over the options. A large computer screen just doesn't cut it when I feel like I need to touch everything and see the true colors. To top off this design puzzle, did I mention I am working out of the living room?  Sure, there are two empty bedrooms upstairs, but the LR is so nice- bright, lots of windows, hafta have it. So, this creative space needs to look good while functioning efficiently.

Unless you have an intern who is keeping your sample library neat and clean on a daily hourly basis, it is just not aesthetically pleasing to see piles of fabrics and finish samples overflowing in bags. Ideally, I would like a cabinet where I can toss everything and shut the doors.

I am tempted to purchase a clear acrylic waste paper basket but am thinking that may not be the best place to have something see-through... a few fun desk accessories is also a must at some point too!
Enjoy my inspiration!

Suzanne Kasler
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