California dreaming.

Okay, it was 60ยบ and sunny in Boston yesterday, and today is almost just as nice.  Can it be summer yet?!

I've always been a sucker for the Janus et Cie showroom at the BDC.  Who thought to hang a gold topiary from a brightly lit dome ceiling, and surround it with a garden room where the walls are covered floor to ceiling with faux boxwood?  If I wasn't so scared of spiders, I'd love a walled-in boxwood garden, so I'm just fine admiring this one.

It's so pretty and captures my gaze every time I walk by.

Janus et Cie is a designer line of casual indoor and outdoor home furnishings that are the epitome of classic Californian design.  Their pieces make me feel like spending the day hanging out by the pool drinking pina coladas. 

Here are some lovelies in their 2011 Beauty Book:


It's supposed to snow Sunday.  Really.  Really?!